Aloe Vera - MPS Gold 100



Aloe Vera - MPS Gold 100

We are no longer able to obtain this product from the manufacturer.
We will have an excellent aloe replacement soon.

MPS GOLD 100 the most effective Glyconutrient and Aloe Vera product based on the high concentration of Galactomannan content, it is also the least expensive when it comes to cost and benefits. The active ingredients in MPS GOLD 100 (Aloe Vera) support a healthy immune system, heart, nervous system, gut, mental clarity, and joint mobility. It protects against colds and flu, the reduction pain and inflammation, the decrease of systemic candida, increases overall coherent cell-to-cell communication, aids cellular regeneration based increased stem cell growth, liver detoxification and promotes a positive mood.

MPS Gold 100 is manufactured exclusively by Dr. David Wheeler. MPS Gold 100 contains high concentrations of bio-available Mannose and Galactose which are the most important biochemical components supporting cell-to-cell communication within the immune system and throughout the body as a whole. It comes in a loose powder form only and contains Glyconutrient molecules extracted from the gel of organically grown Aloe Vera. The active ingredients are a combination of Galactose and Mannose called Galactomannan Glyconutrients™ with a complete molecular weight range of 10,000 to 5,000,000 Daltonsand supplemented by 20% Acamannan® (molecular weights equal to or greater than 1,000,000 Daltons). Added to the MPS GOLD formula is Larch Tree Powder, a prebiotic to support the health of the gut and increased absorption of Galactomannans. 

The Ultimate Glyconutrient/Aloe Vera Product from Dr. David Wheeler

Dr. David Wheeler's MPS GOLD products have been available since 1995. The research and development 
of MPS GOLD came out Dr. Wheeler's need to resolve his own serious health issues.

Regardless of all the hype and low prices for ineffective glyconutrient and aloe vera products on various websites, MPS GOLD 100 is still the best that money can buy. More doctors use MPS GOLD 100 than any other Glyconutrient and Aloe Vera product in the world. Unfortunately, people become distracted by inferior products.

What makes MPS Gold 100 the best Glyconutrient/Aloe Vera product that money can buy

bulletMost cost effective Aloe Vera and Glyconutrient product
bulletContains higher concentrations of Aloe Vera Galactomannans that have a broad range of molecular
weights as found in the living gel
bulletYou will take much less MPS GOLD 100 every day - Least expensive when it comes to cost & benefits 
bulletThe maximum dosage for MPS GOLD 100 is only two teaspoons a day. The dosage for Glyconutrient products other than MPS GOLD 100 varies from six to twenty teaspoons a day
bulletThe other products often require a dose that is ten times higher. For some of the truly inferior Glyconutrient and Aloe Vera products, there is no effective dose because of worthless ingredients
bulletNewer Glyconutrient products are worthless in terms of ingredients, with predatory companies making products that provide no real health benefit
bulletContains the only Glyconutrient Sugars that make any difference when it comes to creating a high level of health and fighting disease
bulletThe marketing spin of eight essential sugars was started by a large MLM company several years ago, which came about with no scientific proof whatsoever. The only thing that happens when additional plant sources are used to make a Glyconutrient product is that the Galactomannans essential for the immune system and other modes of cellular communication become diluted.
bulletContains Highest Concentrations of Glactomannans
bulletNo Glyconutrient or Aloe Vera product other than MPS GOLD 100 contains a high concentration of stabilized Galactomannans necessary to create excellent health and to fight disease as proven with published assays.
bulletContains the most important Glyconutrient Sugars
bulletContains Mannose and Galactose extracted from Aloe Vera gel as Glactomannans that are representative of living gel from the plant

Recommended Dosage 


Start out slowly taking only 1/4 level teaspoon 2 times a day, slowing increasing dosage to avoid any cleansing reactions. Add 1/4 teaspoon to two teaspoons of MPS GOLD 100 powder to water or juice. Take half a teaspoon a day for health maintenance (bottle lasting two months), one teaspoon for moderate health challenges (bottle lasting one month), and two teaspoons a day for more serious health challenges (bottle lasting 1/2 month). Take first thing in the morning for maximum health benefits, waiting at least 1 hour before eating. Wait for at least one hour after eating or ingesting other liquids when taking MPS GOLD 100.






MPS Gold 100 Aloe Vera

One-Half Ounce Version - 61 grams (2.15 ounces)

$50.00 + S&H

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. 

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